Maximizing your Customers’ Experiences

I have a tale to tell about an experience that gave my confidence in people’s goodness and honesty a booster shot on the one hand, but on the other highlights a huge missed opportunity from a brand perspective… A great learning opportunity as situations like these could present themselves in my and your own business!

I flew back to Cape Town, the most beautiful of Mother Cities, last night and on disembarking was preoccupied with thoughts of having to catch a reliable taxi to my car, which was parked elsewhere in the vicinity of the airport. This exercise went off without a hitch and I was happily setting off in my own car when my cell phone rang. Read more

Insight CX: Our Evolution

I was schooled in the late 70’s and early 80’s of the previous century and am finding  this fast-moving world of technology both alarming and exciting. My young team members at work, however, seem to easily flow from one new thing to the next. There is no panic and confusion when confronted with a challenge or a never before seen device or software; just an outward calm approach. They seem to have an in-built question tree to help them navigate swiftly and easily to the most obvious solution. Read more