Insight CX: Our Evolution

I was schooled in the late 70’s and early 80’s of the previous century and am finding  this fast-moving world of technology both alarming and exciting. My young team members at work, however, seem to easily flow from one new thing to the next. There is no panic and confusion when confronted with a challenge or a never before seen device or software; just an outward calm approach. They seem to have an in-built question tree to help them navigate swiftly and easily to the most obvious solution.

Customer Experience Today

Business has changed so much over the last 10 years and as a solutions provider to businesses, we have also had to adapt and change. Not too much (so as to get ahead of some Clients’ aging systems and processes), but not too little either. Traditional marketing has undergone a facelift, with the introduction of so many new channels to market. At the start of this century everyone knew that the game was changing but few were playing and succeeding. With the Internet and social media now totally integrated with our personal and business spaces, the playing fields are more clearly demarcated and there is also an understanding of what the rules of the games are AND, importantly, how to win.

Insight CX is up for the challenge

As Insight Customer Solutions, we are announcing ourselves as contenders in this opportunity filled, global marketplace, where things happen at the click of a mouse and international borders are easily crossed in a few flight hours. We are ready to calmly and expertly assist Clients in any industry with Customer Experience (CX) related challenges. Keep an eye on our website, follow us on Twitter and Google+, read this blog, connect through LinkedIn, spread the word (we would be most grateful). Watch us – we are on a quest to rid the world of bad CX… contact us.

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