Real Time Research

Let us do REAL-TIME RESEARCH into your existing Customer Experience (CX). This will provide factual information about your existing Customer Experience. A wide variety of methodologies are available, including on-site observation, Customer and employee interviews using structured questionnaires, telephonic interviews, qualitative detailed Mystery Customer reporting, video and photo reporting, etc.  Feedback will be in the form of a comprehensive report that will include qualitative as well as quantitative information.

  • How is your current Customer experience unfolding?
  • What are your current Customers’ needs and expectations?
  • Are these being met or exceeded?
  • Where is your offering falling short?
  • What do your Customers love about you?
  • What would add value to your Customers’ experience from their perspective?
  • Do employees have everything they need in order to do their jobs incredibly well?
  • … and many more questions answered, depending on your environment.

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy Workshops

This enables leadership to reach consensus and a shared vision of the future with regards to the company’s Customer Experience (CX).



  • Customised Real Time Research Projects
  • Customer Call-Back Programme
  • Employee & Management View Workshops
real time research