Our Mystery Shopper Programme

Customer Experience Evaluation and Measurement (Mystery Customer Programme) – we offer differentiated products to both the Business to Customer and Business to Business market segments. For the Business to Customer segment, we have one of the largest communities of Mystery Shoppers in Southern Africa who assess and evaluate Customer experiences against pre-determined experiential standards. Assessment tools are developed in a participative way with managers and front-line employees to ensure both accuracy and relevance of standards. Our CX Prism™ on-line evaluation, measurement and dashboard system enables rapid reporting / turnaround times, multi-dimensional standard evaluation (per department, key business drivers, behaviours, values or any other important criteria), in-depth analysis and trend identification. Report data is both quantitative and qualitative, enabling the generation of performance metrics as well as effective communication / feedback to employees. This underpins CX Prism™‘s value as an important coaching tool, focusing on both shortcomings and achievements in experience delivery.Our team of experienced data analysts quality control every report to ensure accuracy of information. A query process provides an assurance of information integrity. All reports are remotely available and may be viewed and downloaded according to pre-assigned rights. Our Business to Business measurement and evaluation tool is based on a regular sampling of actual Customers and a telephonic / on-line follow-up evaluation. All assessments incorporate a pre-defined set of standards that underpin the experience as well as Customer satisfaction and loyalty (Net Promoter Score) ratings.

We also conduct competitive experience assessments, in accordance with a strict code of ethics, in order to benchmark offerings and to derive key learnings.

Our Mystery Shopper Programme enables Clients to:

  • identify operational issues that lead to inconsistent or poor Customer experiences
  • identify areas of Customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with different elements of the overall Customer experience
  • develop metrics that ensure clear accountability for consistent Customer experience delivery
  • identify those employees who deliver great experiences and those who fall short
  • benchmark the nature of their own Customer experience against competitive offerings
  • benchmark and evaluate delivery of Customer experiences across  different  regions, branches or operational units
  • track the delivery of experiences over time and location to pick up the warning signals that their experience is no longer relevant or is in need of innovation

CX-Prism™ Management Dashboard

Our CX-Prism™ Management Dashboard consolidates all the Mystery Shopper results over a period. This allows for in-depth analysis of all aspects of the Customer Experience (CX). The Management Dashboard features include:

  • Monthly consolidated trend analysis and insight reporting.
  • Monthly Summary Views (Overall and per Region and/or Division).
  • Per Store 6 month trend analysis.
  • Per question analysis across the brand.
  • Detailed Moment of Truth, Department and Key Business Driver (Category) analysis.
  • We can also develop this further should you have other needs regarding reporting.

How It Works

  • Visit Scheduled

    Prospectives apply online to become Mystery Customers. Applicants that meet our requirements are emailed training material and arrange a time to be trained by Laura Capito. Once this is completed, an Assessor may begin conducting Mystery Visits. The first three Visits are flagged on our online system to ensure extra care is taken when this report is being processed and the Mystery Customer receives feedback for future visits.

  • Mystery Shopper conducts the Visit

    Once a visit has been confirmed with our Mystery Customer Programme Coordinator, the Mystery Customer is sent an email through by our online system with the Visit Brief and the Questionnaire. The Visit Brief is a document outlining what the Mystery Customer should expect and look out for and also what is required for the report to be accepted by the Client. This and the Questionnaire are studied before the Visit is conducted.

  • Mystery Shopper completes Report online

    After the Visit is conducted, the Mystery Customer will complete a report online. The Mystery Customer logs into our system with the login details they had provided during the application processes and finds all pending Visits on their profile, when applicable (according to the date scheduled). The report is both a quantitative and qualitative report on the experience. A receipt is also sent through to us to confirm ordered items, dates and times, and staff members, amongst other things.

  • Report goes through levels of Quality Assurance

    The completed report appears at our pending tasks and goes through data analysis and quality assurance to ensure that it accurate and consistent. Reports are also edited to meet minimum report requirements and Client guidelines. Our team contacts Mystery Customers to confirm aspects of reports that are unclear or inconsistent. Reports that do not meet our standards are cancelled and new Mystery Visits are scheduled.

  • Mystery Shopper is contacted, if necessary

    Our team goes through each report and ensures that the report is an accurate account of the Customer experience. Any aspects that are unclear or inconsistent results in the Mystery Customer being contacted to elaborate on their experience. The seriousness of which each and every report is regarded cannot be emphasized enough.

  • Report PDF is emailed to Client users

    After the report has gone though our processes, our online system generates a PDF document of the report, with a score allocated for the Customer experience. This report is then emailed to all the Client users for the specific establishment.

  • Query System

    Once the report is received, the Client has a set period to contest any aspects of the report. All queries are taken very seriously and an investigation is started to ensure that the report is the most accurate account of the Customer experience as possible. The Mystery Customer is contacted and any evidence provided by the establishment is considered. If an amended is made to a report, an amended report is generated and sent to the Client users.

  • Consolidated Dashboard

    The CX-Prism Dashboard consolidates the results over a specified period. This gives the group’s overall results and also highlights trends.

  • Client Login

    A Client user can log in and view all the reports that they have rights to. These reports can be downloaded from this interface and basic trend graphs can be viewed as well.

Customised Communication

We develop engaging newsletters and briefing tools to ensure that the Voice of the Customer is hard-wired and brought to life in our Client organisations. This enhances learning and motivation, focuses messaging and contributes to building a Customer-centric culture. This will motivate and reward staff who are excelling in their positions. The newsletters summarise the Mystery Shopper results over all establishments, gives tips and explains concepts.


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