Customer Experience (CX) Training

We develop customised workshops and training programmes to enable managers and employees to deliver consistently great Customer experiences. We can incorporate creative techniques like cartooning, illustrations or filming in the design, or we can follow a more traditional approach.

If the Client has implemented the design phase of the CX Strategy Cycle, then the training content will be designed to align with the CX Blueprint. In lieu of a CX Blueprint, we are also experienced  to deliver exceptionally effective tailored ‘Customer Service’ training designed to raise the bar.

Our focus is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudinal change required to ensure that the necessary support and competence for sustained implementation exists in the organisation. Our customised training programmes are, by their very nature, great experiences! They are packaged to meet participant needs through a variety of delivery options. They may be:

  • facilitated by specialist Insight consultants
  • delivered internally through a structured train-the-trainer process; this process is particularly effective for franchise operations or brands with multiple stores, as managers are empowered to deliver short, effective training sessions in-store
  • delivered through an e-learning system

Management Alignment & Coaching

Successful implementation of new and innovative initiatives & experiences is often hampered by lack of understanding & “buy-in” from Management. We understand the significance of aligning the Leadership & Management team behind the requirements of consistently delivering memorable, distinctive & compelling Customer experiences. To this end Insight Customer Solutions will facilitate engaging and participative Workshop/s focused on getting the leadership & Management team’s understanding of and commitment to their Customer Experience. During the Workshop, coaching skills will be in the spotlight as well as a new approach to ensuring that behaviour changes. We understand the importance of ensuring that Management understand how to use various coaching and feedback tools and programmes effectively, including our CX-Prism™ Mystery Customer Programme.


  • Aligning Management To ‘Manage Great Customer Experiences’ Workshops
  • ‘Delivering Awesome Customer Experiences’ Workshops
  • ‘Upselling the Experience’ Workshops