Customer Experience (CX) Blueprint

Let us assist you in crafting a fantastic and innovative Customer Experience Blueprint, from the Customer’s perspective, that will put you streets ahead of the competition.

This will be done in a collaborative manner with a design team consisting of employees (from all levels and departments) and management that are passionate and committed. Our collaborative approach facilitates understanding, buy-in and support. A comprehensive Customer Experience Blueprint will be drafted that provides in-depth detail of the experience at each Moment of Truth and/or Touch Point. Your CX Blueprint, which will be aligned to your CX Strategy, is a powerful tool that can be used for Induction and Training.

This approach has a proven track record of success for franchise businesses or businesses with multiple branches. It ensures that there is alignment from all parties and role-players around what the experience needs to deliver in order to meet the brand promise. Single enterprises, where success is so dependent on the Customer Experience, also benefit from this. Employees not only participate in the crafting of the experience, but have the necessary understanding as to why things have to happen in a specific way and order.

The outcomes of the implementation of the Design phase include:

  • An articulation of what the innovated Customer Experience would look like.
  • A comprehensive Customer Experience Blueprint.
  • Back-up strategies for each Moment of Truth.
  • Actionable measurement of consistency of adherence to standards (through alignment with the Mystery Customer questionnaire).
  • A sense of clarity, energy and excitement around the defined experience.


  • Crafting Awesome Experiences Workshops
  • Customer Experience Blueprints
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