Customer Experience (CX) Solutions

The brand promises, the experience delivers!

FACT: In a hyper competitive world, designing and consistently delivering distinctive, memorable & compelling Customer Experiences are the competitive advantages that distinguish successful organisations.

INSIGHT CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS offers an integrated and holistic approach to Customer Experiences (CX). Our unique products & services focus on a full spectrum of solutions and improvements for your Customer Experiences from the investigation and design phases, through to implementation and thereafter to sustaining and innovation. We have spent the last 15 years developing a tried and tested Integrated Customer Experience (CX) Strategy Cycle that is cutting edge in terms of application and design. It is a practical and sustainable methodology to ensure that our Clients’ experiences are memorable, distinctive and compelling. All phases of the model may be implemented as an overall strategy, or just individual components on their own. All work is customised to ensure that Client specific needs are met.

Customer Experience Strategy Cycle-1


Get hot-wired to the voices of your Customers with our innovative approach to Research. Daily management feedback, weekly newsletters and benchmarked results will provide you with a competitive advantage!

Customised questionnaire designed to measure what is important to YOU! Actual Customers are called to provide feedback on actual experiences. It is an excellent coaching tool for Sales Managers & a monitoring tool for Corporate / Head Office. Feedback is focused on individuals within sales teams, branch performance & regional performance. It is a great tool for benchmarking.

  • Employee & Management View Workshops

Hear from employees & managers (together and/or separately) what makes them MAD, SAD & GLAD about your organisation. Couple this with Action Steps, Time-lines & Champions & you are on your way to a more effective & efficient organisation.


Workshop with a Design Team from your organisation where current Customer Experiences are deconstructed across all the Touch points  and Moments of Truth  and  re-crafted to ensure memorable, distinctive & compelling experiences. Creative, engaging & organisation-changing! Provides an opportunity to consciously consider EVERY aspect of your experience!

Drafting of a detailed & customised Customer Experience Blueprint, based on output from the above-mentioned ‘Crafting Great Experiences’ workshop – (Blueprint of the experience from the Customer’s perspective). This includes Clues, Role-players, Backup, Action Steps, Timing, Events, and Scripting. It will form the foundation of future training & induction. Experience Champion is nominated from the team to take ownership of changes.


Enabling Managers to lead the Process – ONCE OFF customised workshops or retainer based development, including coaching skills, insight into own behaviour, effective management skills & behaviour, how to get staff to change their behaviour and much more…

  • ‘Delivering Awesome Customer Experiences’ Workshops

Workshops focused on empowering employees to consistently deliver Awesome Customer Experiences, including Problem-Solving & Complaint Handling. They are designed to facilitate behavioural change.

  • ‘Upselling the Experience’ Workshops

The workshops are focused on bringing the message across that EVERY staff member is a salesperson. By NOT upselling, you are not allowing the Guest/Customer to choose an enhanced experience. Fun, experiential & customised!



Listening system & management tool that gives real-time feedback on consistency of adherence to standards PLUS satisfaction with the experience PLUS detailed blow-by-blow account of the experience. Powerful and relevant Coaching Tool that tells it exactly as the Guest experienced it! On-going, monthly reporting or once off Blitz project.


Benchmark, monthly collation of scoring & results. Online insight tool that will allow you to drill down into your Customer experience – receive feedback on Standards, Department, Categories, Dimensions – completely flexible & customised per region/area/manager/department.

Find out from other businesses that you provide services to about your sales & service. It can be focused on individuals within sales teams. In-depth reporting that includes benchmarking, trend analysis, quarterly reviews and recommendations.

  • Competa-View Mystery Customer Programme

Customised quantitative benchmark reporting and detailed qualitative insight into your competitors’ Customer experiences.

  • Team-building Workshops

Workshops with a clearly stated purpose & outcomes that are high in energy, learning & fun. They are designed to assist with changing behaviour back in the workplace.


  • Craft Your Own Awesome Customer Experience Tool-kit

It is a product that assists organizations to craft their own memorable, distinctive & compelling experiences.

  • Specialist Facilitation

Specialists in facilitation – we focus on the process, whilst remaining content neutral, ensuring that objectives are reached.

We are highly experienced in facilitating focus groups and generating detailed, action focused insight reports.