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Preparing For The Times Things Go South

Customers are having an experience with your offering, whether you want them to or not. Events that usually make you wish you could erase Customers’ experiences include: staff not arriving for work, stock not arriving, previous shifts not completing their work or worse still not prepping for the next day, systems being down, equipment not […]

Customer Experience Matters

Customer Experience Matters! Let me say it louder… EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER’S EXPERIENCE MATTERS! If a Customer feels good when they have done business with you, they’ll return. If they don’t, they won’t. It’s as simple as this… or is it? The neighbourhood I live in has over the recent years undergone quite a transformation. Where […]

Maximizing your Customers’ Experiences

I have a tale to tell about an experience that gave my confidence in people’s goodness and honesty a booster shot on the one hand, but on the other highlights a huge missed opportunity from a brand perspective… A great learning opportunity as situations like these could present themselves in my and your own business! […]