At Experience Worx (previously known as Insight Customer Solutions), our passion is working with our Clients to craft, deliver and sustain distinctive, memorable and compelling Customer experiences!

It is the value that a Customer perceives in the delivery of a great experience that builds long-term loyalty and ensures that a business remains relevant in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Loyal Customers purchase repeatedly across time, geography, products and channels to deliver the profitable repeat purchases that are the ‘holy grail’ of any business strategy. Research clearly indicates that Customer satisfaction, at a point in time, is not a great predictor of loyalty. Only total satisfaction, delivered consistently, is a predictor of loyalty. At Insight CX, we work with our Clients to create clear alignment between their strategy, what their brands stand for, their promises to their marketplaces and the experiences delivered to Customers.

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We have developed an integrated approach to Customer Experiences – from real-time Customer research, through crafting / designing awesome experiences and thereafter, defining the Experience Blueprint that underpins these experiences. Aligning management teams to understand their roles in the management of the experience is central to ensuring that the experience unfolds in the intended way. Once management has been aligned, training of employees can commence. Our training approach allows for employees to be trained in an holistic manner (mind-set, skill-set and knowledge) and focuses on the delivery of consistently great experiences. Listening systems give feedback from Mystery Customers on whether the experience is actually unfolding in the intended way with regards to consistency of adherence to standards and satisfaction. Our customisable CX-Prism Management Dashboard provides detailed monthly analysis of results and our newsletters bring the research to life for employees.

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a Customer.” – Peter Drucker

“Customer experiences should be distinctive, memorable and compelling.” – Pine and Gilmore

The innovated Customer Experience enables a Client to:

  • Differentiate itself in a competitive marketplace.
  • Develop a sustainable source of competitive advantage.
  • Increase Customer loyalty.

Insight Customer Solutions is able to light the fires within your organisation, unleashing a creative energy designed to critically rethink the nature of Customer Experiences and to develop innovative ways to deliver long-term, sustainable Customer value.

Who benefits from our approach:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Management/Head Office

The approach is highly suitable for franchise operations and brands with a national/international footprint or single establishment brands.


to delivering integrated Solutions

Customer Experience Strategy Cycle-1


  • What is really happening on the ground regarding your current Customer Experience (CX)?
  • Is the leadership on the same page regarding the CX strategy?
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  • Has focussed and innovative thought gone into every single aspect of your Customer Experience?
  • Is there a Blueprint that captures the ideal experience from the Customer’s perspective?
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  • Is your management team completely aligned behind the requirements of delivering awesome Customer Experiences?
  • Is your training part of a holistic picture? If so, is it still effective in changing behaviour and getting sustained results?
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  • Are you able to measure if the experience is consistently being delivered in the intended way and see a detailed Dashboard?
  • Is your Customer Experience (CX) message being reinforced in a positive manner?
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